Happy Father’s Day

June is the month we celebrate all of the men who are fortunate enough to be called Dad. At ELAPC we have been blessed with the opportunity of experiencing the happiness and excitement couples feel when they are given the news that they are expecting.

Sometimes that is not the case; Some of the fathers that have passed through our doors have felt scared and unprepared. However, many of these fathers have been able to participate in our parenting classes and take advantage of the information and resources that our counselors at ELAPC provide them with. The information and resources they are given at times is all they have needed to believe in themselves and open their hearts to the possibility of experiencing the miracle of life.

One of those fathers is Peter (Shown Above). Peter first came to ELAPC with his wife and found out she was pregnant with their fourth child. He shared with us that he had an accident at work and was disabled. He was feeling depressed about not being able to support his family. Peter and his wife felt having another child was not an option.

After visiting ELAPC several times and speaking to our counselor, they had a change of heart. Peter and his wife began attending church on Sundays and began participating in our parenting classes. They have been part of our program for the past two years. It’s been amazing to see the transformation and spiritual growth this couple has undergone.

As I reflect on all the men who we have helped at ELAPC, and how many of them simply needed guidance like Peter. I am grateful that ELAPC is here to serve them.

This Father’s Day, may all of the Dads out there know that you are making a difference in the lives of your children in the best way anyone can.  Thank you for accepting the gift of Fatherhood.

Happy Father’s Day!

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