Opportunity Project


The Opportunity Project is a program of the East Los Angeles Pregnancy Center designed to give low income women and families the resources they need to improve their circumstances and build a stronger future for themselves, their families and our community.

This program is a partnership with local businesses, government agencies, faith-based organizations and other community based non-profits.

Opportunity Project resources include but are not limited to:

◊ Employment: Assistance in Job Searching, Resume Building and Interview Etiquette


◊ Education: Support in Educational Advancement and Enrollment into College and Training Programs


◊ Life Skills and Healthy Relationships: Informational Classes on Topics such as Parenting, Car Seat Safety, “First Five Months,” Financial Stability and Domestic Abuse


◊ Community Resources: Help in Securing Access to Medical Care, Affordable Housing, Child Care and Financial Assistance.

Our hope is that this program will equip our clients with the tools they need and create an environment that allows them the opportunity to better themselves and their lives. We are confident that if we can give our clients opportunity through the dignity of earning a paycheck, the empowerment of an education and the support of our community then we can shift the paradigm for not only their family but of our community.