Client Testimonies

Our clients love us!  Here are a few exerts from our Yelp Reviews:

“I made a appointment with [Charlene]. When I went to the room I wanted to cry before we even talked because I was scared but when I talked to her I felt like I was talking to my mom because Charlene was so kind. I felt like I wasn’t a bad person but a human being.”

-Rated 5 Stars on 5/3/2015

“They are so welcoming and calming. They gave me a second pregnancy test, sat down with me and listened to my concerns, were supportive and lead me on the right direction.  Cause I had no idea what to do! They gave me a referral to a doctor, can help you get on medical, wic, find a job, parenting classes. And you feel like you’re part of a community. So important to have such support. I’m 8 months pregnant and they have been there every step of the way.”

-Rated 5 Stars on 4/1/2015

“If you’re feeling scared because you think you might be pregnant, this is the place for you. It sure was a blessing for me, I can’t imagine my life without my children.  As I sit here writing this I am able to admire and look at what wonderful little people God decided to allow to come and change my life.”

-Rated 5 Stars on 8/19/2014

“This program is beyond amazing! I went in needing help, and not only did they help me,  but they also made a huge impact in my life. The girls are so nice, caring, helping and always giving helpful tips on basically almost anything related to children, pregnancy and yourself. I definitely recommend this place to any women out there that need help and support.”

-Rated 5 Stars on 4/25/2013

“This center is amazing! Everything is totally FREE! If you are pregnant it is definitely a great resource! I went in for a pregnancy test, I was considering abortion and  I received a referral to a doctor, as well as bi-weekly counseling, and I received help with supplies for my baby.  The people at this center TRULY CARE about their clients! They help the women as much as possible! And I am thankful for their work! I truly believe if it was not for them, my baby would not be here today. My healthy, 20 month old baby boy is here thanks to the people at the center! I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL!!! “

-Rated  5 Stars on 4/12/2013